Amble Coffee, Brand Identity Project, 2021

This project was created as part of a brand identity exercise, in which the objective was to recreate and rebrand an existing brand. The purpose of the exercise was to demonstrate skills in developing a new visual identity and brand concept for the chosen brand. In this project, the focus was on reimagining and refreshing the existing brand to give it a new and distinctive identity. This involved elements such as redesigning the logo, refining the brand colors, typography, and overall visual style. The aim was to create a brand that resonates with the target audience, aligns with the brand’s values and goals, and effectively communicates its unique offerings and attributes. Throughout the process, careful consideration was given to maintaining consistency with the brand’s core values while introducing fresh elements that breathe new life into the brand. The result is a comprehensive rebranding that encompasses various aspects of the brand’s visual identity, ensuring a cohesive and compelling brand presence. Overall, this project showcases the ability to envision and execute a strategic rebranding effort, combining creativity, market understanding, and design principles to deliver a revitalized brand identity that captures attention and generates positive brand experiences