Surviving the Dominant Gender, 2021

The “Surviving the Dominant Gender” series tackles the issue of mental and physical abuse that South Asian women face from the dominant gender within Canada. The series sheds light on the challenges experienced by women who have migrated to a new country, highlighting the added pressure they face in managing a new household with a non-supportive partner.┬áMigrating to a new country is already a challenging endeavor, but when coupled with the burden of an unsupportive partner, it becomes incredibly difficult for these women. Many struggle to navigate the unfamiliar culture, language, and customs of their new surroundings. As a result, they often remain unaware of the resources, support, and assistance available to help women in difficult situations.┬áThe series aims to raise awareness about the plight of these women, shedding light on their experiences and the hardships they endure. By bringing attention to their stories, it seeks to foster understanding and compassion, while also encouraging the utilization of available resources and support systems for those in need.

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