The Firefly, 2021

“The Firefly” was created for The Black Lives Matter Social Justice Art Project in collaboration with the City of Abbotsford and the University of the Fraser Valley. The project aims to promote blackness, support healing, and reflect harmony. My project features a portrait of a black woman who gazes directly at the viewers with flames in her eyes. Adorned in a traditional gown, she stands resolute in a powerful position, her hands clenched into fists that symbolize political solidarity. With her fiery eyes fueled by determination, she confronts the viewers, igniting emotions of anger, encouragement, and inspiration, urging them to join her in the fight against racial injustice and brutality. “The Firefly” serves as a poignant reminder of all the innocent lives lost. This portrait depicts the strength of the black community and their unwavering resistance against an unjust society dominated by white supremacists. The firefly symbolizes the quest for justice, strength, healing, and freedom within the black community, while also aiming to raise awareness and initiate conversations that will eventually spark meaningful change. Your skin is your identity and should never be deemed a crime. No one should have to endure injustice based on the color of their skin. Incidents of police brutality and racially motivated violence against the black community have given rise to the Black Lives Matter movement, a social movement dedicated to eradicating white supremacy and dismantling racism.