Artist Statement

"My art practice deals with culture, identity, diversity and community. With my art I try to portray social, political and cultural issues. My paintings are semi realistic that are highly detailed and intricate. I make art that resonate with the viewer and gives them a sense of attachment as they try to navigate through the intricacy of the painting.

Having a diverse background helps me connect with the diverse community in Canada. My pieces display both my South Asian culture as well as my Canadian culture. Therefore, this diverseness helps me engage and relate to a larger audience."

Artist Bio

Faria Firoz was born and raised in Bangladesh and moved to Canada in 2016. She recently graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with double extended minor (Visual Arts & Graphic Design) from The University of the Fraser Valley with a distinction. Faria Firoz is the proud recipient of the Lieutenant Governor’s medal 2021 and UFV Outstanding Achievement award. She completed my Advanced Levels in Arts and Design from Cambridge International Examinations.

Faria Firoz is a contemporary realist painter whose art practice deals with culture and identity. It takes a critical look at the ongoing social, political and cultural issues. Over the past few years, she has participated in numerous art exhibitions. Her painting “Hurricane” is published in the Hebrew Learning for 8th Graders school book and has designed the brand identity, logo and multiple books covers for Ruddur Publications.