Bangladeshi-born artist Faria Firoz is an interdisciplinary artist whose art practice explores globalization, cultural diaspora, displacement, and equity to examine identity and cultural hybridization. Her work investigates social, political, and cultural issues by utilizing pattern-making as a form of poetic meditation. Her commitment to social advocacy earned her the prestigious Lieutenant Governor’s Medal in 2021. Faria holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of the Fraser Valley, where she was honored with the Outstanding Achievement Award. Currently, she is pursuing her Master of Fine Arts degree at Emily Carr University of Art & Design.


April 2024. Masters of Fine Arts, Emily Carr University of Art & Design, BC.

April 2021. BFA, Double extended minor – Visual Arts and Graphic Design, University of Fraser Valley

Nov 2014. Advanced Level Exam – Arts and Design, Cambridge International Examinations.



Solo & Duo Exhibitions:

  • 2024. Biborton: Shift of Being, Solo Exhibition, The Reach Gallery & Museum, BC.
  • 2023. Testimony, Duo Exhibition, Silk Purse Arts Gallery, BC.
  • 2021. Liminality, Solo Exhibition, Art on Demand 7.3, The Reach Gallery & Museum, BC.

Group Exhibitions

  • 2023. Moments Between, State Of Practice Exhibition, Emily Carr University of Art & Design, BC.
  • 2023. Your Art Your Reflection, Asian Impact Society, Place Des Arts, BC.
  • 2023. Art for Life, POMO Arts Centre, BC
  • 2023. Echo, The Shape of Our Memories, Coquitlam Heritage Museum, BC.
  • 2023. First Blossom, Joy Exhibition, Wyreena Community Arts Centre, Victoria, Australia.
  • 2022. Revival, Public Art Project, 50th Anniversary Commemorative Arches, Burnaby Village Museum, BC.
  • 2022. The Firefly, Black Lives Matter Social Justice Art Project, Boardwalk Cafe & Games, BC.
  • 2021. Tamed: The Beast Within, ArtSpacific, Langley Arts Council, BC.
  • 2021. The Firefly, Black Lives Matter Social Justice Art Project, S’ELIYEMETAXWTEXW Gallery, BC.
  • 2020, Bangla Fighter, ArtSpacific, The Langley Arts Council, BC.
  • 2019. Say It With Flowers, Kariton Art Gallery, BC.
  • 2019. Anonymous Art Show, Kariton Art Gallery, BC.
  • 2018. Chandelier, Intro to Studio I, S’ELIYEMETAXWTEXW Gallery, BC.
  • 2018. Connected, Sculpture II, UFV Building F, BC.


  • 2023. Recipient of the 2023/24 Future Creative Catalyst Graduate Research Fellowship.
  • 2021. Recipient of the Lieutenant Governor’s Medal.
  • 2021. Recipient of the Arty Awards: Emerging Artist.
  • 2021. Recipient of Outstanding Achievement Award, UFV.


Published Paintings

  • 2022. Unfriendly Habitat, “UFV Cascade Zine Attempt 06”, UFV.
  • 2022. Excessive, “UFV Cascade Zine Attempt 06”, UFV.
  • 2022. The Firefly, “UFV 2022 Calendar.” UFV.
  • 2014. Hurricane Painting, “Hebrew learning for 8th” Israel, pg-112.

Book Illustrations & Design

  • Md Firoz Mia, “Pension Bidhimala.” Ruddur Publications, Sep 2021.
  • Md Firoz Mia, “Bhobishot Tohobil.” Ruddur Publications, June 2021.
  • Md Firoz Mia, “Bangladesh Service Rules.” Ruddur Publications, Feb 2021.
  • Md Firoz Mia, “Chuti Bidhimala.” Ruddur Publications, Jan 2021.
  • Md Firoz Mia, “Tulir Taan (Children’s Story book).” Ruddur Publications, Jan 2021.