Revival, 2022

This public sculpture was created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Burnaby Village Museum. Its purpose is to depict the interconnection between the past and the present, highlighting the important role that museums play in connecting us with history. The sculpture features an arch that represents the gateway to the past, with untouched antiques symbolizing their potential to return to their original glory.

As you walk through the arch to the other side, you will notice the meticulous work that has gone into the restoration, preservation, and interpretation of the museum’s collection. The patterns adorning the top and sides of the arch have been inspired by the wallpaper, Persian rug, and woodwork found in the Love Farmhouse. These intricate details serve as a visual representation of the Museum’s dedication to capturing and honoring historical elements.

This sculpture is rich with symbolic details that unfold as you navigate through the artwork, inviting visitors to explore and discover the stories embedded within.